9 Things You Need To Know About Utah Before You Move There

It’s always hard to move to a completely new place, it’s understandably hard to fit in as well, the best and only way to make the move a little easier on you is to know more about the local culture and what your new home has to offer. Who knows, you might even get a little more excited about the move. So here are nine things you need to know about Utah before you move there.


1.)  The Way They Swear is Unique

It’s always important to know the language of the place you are visiting, or in this case migrating to. Even with the English language everywhere you go, be it a city, state or country, subtle to obvious differences can be noticed in how the locals speak; In the case of Utah, Their strong ties to Mormon culture has created a culture that avoids traditional swear words. Words and phrases like “Oh heck”, “Shut the front door”, and my favorite “What the frick” would make you think you are in a place populated with Ned Flanders.


2.) Stake House NOT Steak House

If you get invited to a Stake House, and the context of your conversation doesn’t seem to be in any way connected to the delicious grilled meat,  you might have been invited to a congregational meeting with The Latter day Saints. Trust me; it’s kind of awkward to go to those with your special loose eating pants on.


3.) Mysterious Addictive Sauce

A staple sauce in the state of Utah, the Fry Sauce is a mixture of Ketchup and mayonnaise you can find in most if not all grocery stores. As unexciting as the sauce sounds, it’s actually pretty good and quite addicting; it’s often served with fried foods like French Fries.


4.) Great Doctors

They take care of you, yes. But aside from that the surgeons are masters in their art. In Utah mommy make over is done quite often, especially women after pregnancy choose to op-in for this cosmetic surgery, and I can see why, the results are quite stunning.

You should always research about the places you visit or will be moving too before getting there, not just to be ready to adjust but to find the good things that you’ll be able to experience.


5.) Surprisingly Not a Dry Place

Utah has been known to have very strict alcohol laws, so much so that people often mistaken the state to be a dry state.  Surprisingly you can find really good beer, local breweries create interesting and really good beer, and some strong ones at that.


6.) Lime-jello

They love the green jelly, more than most of America in fact! I heard that they eat twice as much of the stuff than other states.


7.) The License Plates Weren’t Lying, they do Have the Best Snow

Scientifically proven to have the perfect formulation for optimum skiing and snowboarding, Utah is probably the best place to have that Ski trip you’ve been planning all these years.


8.) Sundance Film Festival

Every year, Utah has its share of Hollywood glamour; film-makers come to show their, often all-star cast, films.


9.) Best Place to Ski

Yes, I know I already said that they have the best snow. But apparently they have, arguably, the best ski resort. Park City is a breath taking place and what skiing and snowboarding enthusiast would consider as paradise.

landscape of Utah