An Interesting Trip in Tucson Arizona

Tucson downtown skyline and aerial overview (including the University of Arizona) w/ Catalina Mountains at dusk.
Tucson downtown skyline and aerial overview (including the University of Arizona) w/ Catalina Mountains at dusk.

I was on my way to the middle of the dessert, why you ask? To visit a city where you can gamble and have some fun in the dessert, it’s not Vegas though, it’s Tucson. For years my cousin has been telling me to visit him in Tucson, and for years I kept on telling him the same thing, what’s at Tucson? I am quite admittedly prejudiced when it comes to cities in the middle of the desert, aside from Las Vegas, I never really thought of any other desert city as a place to visit, at least in the country. One day I finally gave in and took up his offer, and what I found was a very pleasant surprise. The city was quite something, not as grand as Vegas but it has its charms and good points.

As I have stated above, I love Vegas, so every time Mark told me to visit him, I said ‘if I ever wanted to visit a city in the middle of the desert I would go to Vegas and gamble to my heart’s content’. Because of this the first place my cousin took me to was Casino Del Sol, which was quite a treat! The hotel was similar to the ones in Vegas, the golf course was superb, and the casino was great, though I lost some money. It was here when I realized that I should give new places a chance, I wouldn’t blindly go to places just because but I will give new places a chance if an invitation or recommendation is given.

I wanted to spend most of the time at the hotel and resort, but Mark urged me to take a look at Tucson as a whole and experience everything it has to offer. Since he was right about me finding at least one thing I’d enjoy during my trip there, I agreed to explore more of the city.

So there was a lot of places we visited the first week, one was the Pima Air and Space Museum which had a lot of planes and space crafts in exhibit. It was quite amazing as how it is, it showed me the wonders of how we develop flight and reaching outer space,  but the things is, even though I did quite honestly enjoyed the tour, I was itching to get back to the casino ( I might have a tiny gambling problem).


My cousin told me I lost enough money to the casino, so he took me to somewhere a bit more exciting, the Tucson Mountain Park. I had a blast here, we went biking and horseback riding, and there was a lot to do in the park, so much so that I totally forgot about gambling. We enjoyed many thrilling and somewhat dangerous outdoor activities like mountain climbing, coming out without a scratch. Ironically enough I threw my back while doing something you’d least expect getting an injury, having a picnic.

My back pain was so bad that I wanted to retire back to the hotel and just lie down. Mark Told me that He would none of it though, he knew a great chiropractor back in the city that would fix me right up. So I reluctantly went with him, I was never really into the idea of chiropractic treatment, but I was reassured about the results with mark stating that Tucson chiropractors are the best. It was amazing really, I told the guy what happened, he nodded his head, told me to lie down, he made my back pop and boom pain was reduced significantly, to the point that I could enjoy the rest of my stay in Tucson.

Lesson of the story, never be prejudice to a place nor practice, be cautious but give them a shot if you can. You might be surprised with the results.