Antivirus Protection


With today’s operating systems having their own antivirus/antispyware programs built in, the world seems safer. Then again, is it really sufficient? While it is truly a great security system for the casual users who follow basic protocol, when it comes to those who brows a bit too deeply into the net, it won’t be enough. There are also those who don’t even know what proper browsing safety procedures, like not clicking the “You just won an iPad” pop-up window. It is an absolute must for you to have an antivirus and antispyware/malware program prepared for anything if you have one or two of these personality types using your computer.

If you are the sole user of your computer, and you know what you are doing when online, then there should not be a problem with you using the antivirus software that came with your system. Be warned though, as sometimes, even when you are careful, things do get pass you. Maybe through the flash drive of a friend, maybe through a funny post on Facebook or even just a link you accidentally clicked. So if you think you need the added security, you should definitely get a more well know antivirus.