Corporate ID Theft: Pest Control Company Example

If there’s one thing to worry about getting a credit card then it’s none other than identity theft. This scheme of using someone’s identifying information is too alarming especially when money is involved. Getting your hard earned money taken away by someone who used your identity can be an overwhelming experience .

Pretending to be someone to fool a person and take something of theirs? Who in their right mind would want that? Identity theft is by far one of the worse things that could happen to someone in any occasion. Electrical contractors in Atlanta, GA hired us to process their records and find who has been stealing information from their servers.

Let’s review a case study of mine where I helped a company that provides pest management services who were the victims of a corporate identity theft. Every day is a busy day for a pest control company people call their hotline to ask for quotes and services they offer. Coming to terms with the customer the pest control company started doing their work from cleaning the area and killing pests and their nests one after another. The process continued and every detail that needed to be done was completed. Since pest control process usually is not just a one day task the pest control company generally provides another thorough inspection scheduled within a week, also if you need carpet cleaning services, check out this company.

They did their job and the customer was satisfied. After one week a man came to customers home claiming he was with the pest control company and asked for the invoice to be paid, the customer had no clue that he’s dealing with a scammer, thus paying ‘the invoice’. In the end the matter with the customer and the  company was resolved, but the scammer was not caught. We need to remember that it’s important to be very careful of your belongings and making sure everything about you and the possessions you hold will not be made public. Yes, we tend to be very talkative when it comes to friends and families but make sure that in public nothing from your private information will be leaked through simple conversations and day to day tasks.