Dealing with Identity Theft

identinty-theftWe each have something that belongs to us, but other people use more than we do. It is our name. Of course, we do not mind people using our name to gain our attention. May it be to start a mundane conversation, or a light notification of something scheduled for the day such as the time to eat, or perhaps something more important such as to alarm us of an incoming threat. With that said, other people using our name is something that we don’t mind. However, if someone were to use not only our name, but everything in it, that is when we do start mind. Check out Akron plumber

Desperate people resort to stealing when cornered. Unable to analyze the proper route due to confusion, worry, and despair, one begins to come up with the idea of theft as the only solution to their problem. If someone has something that you don’t, you feel a little bit jealous. Now, this could be healthy by actually making it a motivation to do better, tell yourself “hey, that person was able to obtain what he desired. A path exist for anyone to obtain it, I should also not be an exemption!” and you begin to make changes, do trial and errors, and finally arrive to the conclusion you desired. Now, if one were to view jealousy as a narrow minded person, your thought would surely arrive in the opposite of motivation.

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identinty-theft-personaThe earliest case of identity theft can traced back by the most renowned book in the world. It is the story of Jacob stealing Esau’s blessings. In Genesis 27, Isaac, the father of both Jacob and Esau, was old and turning blind, and before dying, he wished to give his blessings to his eldest son, Esau. We all know that while Esau was out to hunt some wild game for his father, Jacob pretended to be Esau to receive his father’s blessings. There are so many reasons for one person to steal the identity of another, may it be to flee from someone dangerous, or take advantage of something that only the stolen identity has access to. In Jacob’s case, he wanted the blessings that only Esau has access to, which ultimately made him steal his identity for it.

In the modern age, identity theft is still being practiced for whatever reasons they have for doing this. Some people get into a lot of trouble because of the things the thief has done in their name. They usually use the stolen person’s credit card, and take a relaxing time with their hard earned savings. When this happens, it may be too late to do anything about it, but it’s not too late to prevent them from using your identity. Immediately contact your bank, inform the situation and block your card or anything that makes the thief use your money. Followed by informing the authorities about your recent predicament, as they have protocol for this kind of situations. It may be a long time before we realize our Identity was stolen, but it’s never too late to do something about it.